An Update On My Mobile Base

A while ago I talked about looking for a new place to write when I need to get out of the house. Atmosphere-wise, I love the Starbucks around the corner but I don’t much care for coffee drinks and their wireless connection is sketchy at best. That used to be an asset when I was looking for a distraction-free environment, but since I’ve been writing more in Google Docs I need a stable internet connection. So the search was on for a place that had stable free wireless, offered fountain soft drinks, and stayed open later than 9pm. And living here in suburbia, it was of course that last one that was the biggest problem.

I’ve tried the McCafe at the local McDonalds a few times and love the hours and the environment and the $1 drinks, but the music finally took a toll on me. Everything is a techno dance remix. This is the only McDonalds I’ve ever heard that music at and it’s on ALL THE TIME. Normally when I’m there with the kids they’re screaming too loud for me to notice, but at 10pm when I’m trying to get in the writing zone it’s awful and I can’t handle it any more. Panera and Biggby both have good wireless and cheap fountain soda, but Panera’s seats are at a weird height for typing and they both close at 9. I tried a Biggby further down the road into Westland tonight that stays open until 9:30, but they don’t have fountain drinks and I really wasn’t in the mood for coffee.

So on my way back home I decided to stop at the McDonalds in Westland and give it a try. The music is much better, the drinks are still $1, and the wireless is golden. The atmosphere is interesting too. It’s a little more rundown and hasn’t received the McCafe upgrade yet which is kind of cool for the stories I’m trying to write. The seats aren’t particularly comfortable but I think part of that may be from my car seats which are so uncomfortable and always jacking up my back.

So that’s where I’m writing tonight. I’m sure your life is better with that knowledge. You’re welcome.