An Experiment, Because Why Have a Blog If I Can’t Experiment?

It occurs to me as I’m here in the kids area of McDonalds working on my cozy novel that I haven’t written a blog post through my newly self-hosted site on the iPad. So this is that post. So far, this is just one more area I’m impressed with the iPad as laptop replacement. I’ve done just about everything on this iPad that I ever did on my laptop plus a few things I could never do on my laptop (like write on an airplane or use work all day without even thinking about re-charging the battery).

I’ve had the iPad now for almost eight months and in that time the only time I’ve touched my laptop is to set it up for the kids to play on it. Traveling with the iPad through airport security was amazing and I never once regretted not having my laptop with me. Part of me craves a shiny new MacBook Air but I think I’d be unhappy with that because I can’t pop off the keyboard of the Air and use it to read manuscripts or watch Netflix.

The only thing I really don’t like the iPad for is reading for pleasure. It’s way too heavy for any sort of sustained reading session and the glass screen kind of sucks for reading in most settings. I also want an ereader without web access so I don’t have to deal with all of the associated distractions. I gave away my $79 Kindle when I got the iPad and I think for my birthday I’m going to ask for the Kindle paperwhite which seems like the absolute perfect ereader.