An Appreciation of Riot Load

I get that it’s bad form for authors to claim any one book of their’s as their favorite, and it’s even worse form to talk about how awesome any of their books are (we’re supposed to be humble and self-effacing and all of that crap), but my form’s always been a bit bad. It started the other day when I went to see the movie Baby Driver and walked out into the glorious summer heat that always feels nice after the ludicrously cold temperatures of modern movie theaters and wished I could write something like that. And then I realized I had with Riot Load. It has quirky characters, a heist plot, great chases, weird violence, an awkward young love story, and tons of heart. Of the six novels I’ve written so far (only two have been published and you will never see the other four – well, at least three of the other four) Riot Load is the one that did exactly what I wanted it to do. Murder Boy has a certain raw charm that I love, but I think Riot Load is more refined and more polished and I have to admit I’m incredibly disappointed it didn’t get the attention Murder Boy did.

Riot Load is an odd book in that I never had any intention of writing it. Had Murder Boy not been published, I would have continued hacking away at my second best book and eventually worked that into shape enough to get a book deal out of it and all would have been good. But I can’t guarantee it. After writing Murder Boy, I was very frustrated with my writing career and writing process. I was frustrated with the small audience and small potential of the cult type books I was writing, but I didn’t have the confidence or the chops to tackle anything bigger or more complex. But because Riot Load was written under contract and barring turning in a really horrible manuscript, would be published no matter what i did in it, I felt immense freedom to try new things and really push myself to grow as a writer and as a storyteller. And I think Riot Load reflects that.

As I wind down work on Trigger Switch and bring Dominick’s story to a close, I think that book pushes me even further toward leveling up as a writer, but Riot Load will always sit as a shining example of really maxing out the potential I had at that moment in my life and even wringing out a bit of talent and skill that was beyond my potential. So as we head into peak beach reading season, I’d love for you all to give Riot Load a chance. The e-book version is cheap for all of the various platforms and even the paperback can be found from your favorite store or website for $15 or so.  I am so proud of this book and can’t wait to see what other creative feats I can pull off with the confidence and skill I gained from writing it.

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