Ah, Sweet Routine

Today was Spenser’s first full day at school so he got to ride the bus and take a lunch, both of which he loved. We had another good night last night with a regular bedtime and stories and baths. So once we punted him off to school, I got to work at my desk and settled into a nice routine. Today, so far, is the first day I haven’t felt disoriented and bamboozled by the whole work-from-home thing. I had a set of goals, a schedule for how I planned to meet those goals, and so far I’m sort of on track. I took time out to go to lunch with Becky and Holly who are both home today.Next week Holly will be out of the house three day a week in the afternoon so that will be nice.

I was a bit unprepared today for how much I missed having Spenser around. He’s exhausting and destructive and stubborn, but he’s mine and there have been a few things I would have liked to see his  reaction to. I can’t wait until it’s time to go pick him up from the bus stop.

In professional news, I’ve updated my editing site to reflect my renewed interest in booking more developmental/line edit combos. Right now I’m offering a 20% discount if you book them together. Go check it out and tell a friend. Or a wordy and unfocused enemy.