Age Not Talent

As I’ve been making great progress on this new book I’ve been wondering where the hell all of this great stuff was hiding for the ten other books I’ve written. There’s certainly been flashes, but nothing like this. And it’s not for lack of practice. I don’t stick with much, but I’ve stuck with writing for a long time and only saw small amounts of change.

Then, looking at my hands this morning I realized I didn’t need to get better as a writer, I needed to get better as a human. I needed to get older, I needed to get less selfish, I needed to learn empathy and sympathy, I needed to understand diversity and feminism and I needed to be humbled, so so many times I needed to be humbled.

So to all of the writers out there, don’t worry about voice or plot or structure or dialogue or punctuation or grammar or, god-forbid, the publishing industry. Spend time learning to be a better person and listen to people when they’re brave enough to tell you you’re being a shitty human.