Adventures In Small Engine Repair


I’m really starting to hate two-cycle engines. They’re fussy and inconvenient and way too much trouble. First it was my snow blower, now it’s my weed whacker. For the last five or six years I’ve been making due with an electric trimmer. It’s not awesome, but it gets the job done. But as the weeds in my yard get stronger and my fear that I’m going to electrocute myself with the cord grows more intense, I’ve been looking to get a gas-powered one.

I finally got lucky when my parents sold their old house and moved into an apartment last year. My dad gifted me his old weed whacker and I thought all was golden. Until this year when I tried to use it. The fuel lines were rotted so replaced those, but it still doesn’t work. And I’ve nearly ruptured my arm and chest muscles from pulling that stupid chain so much. The old me would have just thrown this one away and put a new one on a credit card. But we’re living only on cash now and trying to be smarter with our money. So instead I stuck it in the shed and pretend it doesn’t exist. I’ll probably split the difference between laziness and cost and spend the $25 to take it to the small engine repair shop and have them look at it.  Until then (and likely long after) I’ll lament what a giant pain in the ass these things are.

And how is your weekend going?