Adventures in Father and Son Haircutting

One of the few things in life I hate paying for is haircuts. They seem so overpriced for what I want done and I hate the tipping aspect that comes on top of it. That’s the main reason for my occasional (and I admit, misguided) head shaving adventure. But Spenser’s hair has been getting goofy long and since he has to go to school where we will be subjected to teacher scrutiny if he has a poorly done homemade haircut we took him to get it done today.

Afterward, I realized I still needed a haircut but I didn’t want to pay so we went home and I pulled out the clippers. I used bigger guards than I do for full-on head shaving and tried to do some blending. It’s not awful and looks like a decent barber college haircut, which is really all I care about. My hair grows fast enough that in a couple of days all the bad spots will be grown out. And this cut didn’t cost me anything.