Action Shots

It always happens this way. Around 100 pages into a new book I start getting wibbly wobbly and depressed and thinking its crap etc. etc. Well, this book it’s happened a little differently. I like what I’ve turned out so far, and as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been turning it out in record time. But it dawned on me that, aside from wiping up the floor with Dave, I have no real reason to be writing this book.

Sure, I want to have the second novel in my series done before I sell the first one (Great advise courtesy the grand Ms. Lippman), but I haven’t even really started submitting the first one in earnest yet. But then I realized this was a different book for me. I’m mixing third and first person, which is teaching me quite a bit about pacing and voice, and so I wondered if there were other things I could be experimenting with.

One of my biggest weakness as a writer is action scenes. I love reading them and I love watching them on screen, but when I try them out on paper they always come off hockey and cliched and downright moronic at times. In the interest of trying to write the best novel possible, I’ve mostly stayed away from action scenes. But since I write in the PI genre, I had at least a couple in the first book and while they’re not as horrendous as they could be, they are far from the high points.

Back to the experimenting. I started thinking maybe I could use this book to learn my chops as an action writer. Since I don’t have a set deadline and since I’ve got quite a bit of time before this book would be on deck for submissions, this is the perfect opportunity to stretch myself without the pressure of a publishing career on the line.

And I still get to beat Dave. There’s nothing I don’t like about that.