About last night

Last night was my last night in Ann Arbor for a while. I’m moving back home. I was never able to fully recover from being out of work for so long this summer and my debt has backed up and I need some breathing room to pay that all off and save up a good chunk of money. I don’t really mind returning home. Ann Arbor was great but I don’t leave feeling any regrets. Everything I wanted to do here, I did, and then some.

My school career won’t take a major hit thanks to online and compressed classes and I’ll certainly still be able to write and that’s all that really matters. Right now I don’t have a job lined up, but I have leads on a couple of cool things. My last day at work was Thursday with a Christmas party. I’m hoping the temp agency I work through will be able to place me for a few days here or there over the holidays so I can have some cash for gas and what-not.

The only part of this arrangement that truly sucks (other than the inevitable loss of unchecked independence of course) is that I’ll now be two hours away from Toledo. I’ll still go on spending weekends down there and her up here occasionally, but what will be hindered is our ability to meet during the week or drop in unexpected and such. It won’t disappear completely, but it’ll take some planning and won’t be able to happen as often. I don’t know what’s in store for us, but we had our three month anniversary a couple of weeks ago and things are looking good. And now I’ll go back to keeping that part of my life private.

So thank you Ann Arbor. Thank you everyone at Grace Bible Church who made me feel welcome and incredibly inferior academically. I’ll miss this city, but I suspect we’re not done with each other for good.