A Wedding Update

This just in:

Stuff not going right with the wedding.

I’m back at the hotel with some time on my hands because I was supposed to be setting up some table favors and testing my slide show as the banquet hall said we could be in at noon for setup. Well, we show up and they have a party in there until 3pm. The wedding is at 4. I don’t think so.

And then I get a call from the limo company. Becky called them last week and wanted to add an extra hour. They told her the amount a couple of times and said she needed to have cash to pay the driver. Okay. Well, an HOUR before the driver is supposed to show up, the owner calls and says when she did the calculations she forgot to add in the extra hour. So A FRIGGIN HOUR before the driver is supposed to show up the owner tells us we need an extra $200 in cash. Does that seem shady to anyone else? So we said no, screw you we’re not paying.

Some people. There will be lots of nasty phone calls made when we return.