A Thing Or Two and Stuff

First, you’ll probably notice I changed a few things around here. I like the last theme a lot, but I hated how big the header image was and how hard it made to find things. So I went back to my previous theme and changes the header image and I think we have something the works really well now. I also tweaked the menu and added an Appearances page that you should check out to see where I’ll be this year promoting Exhibit A and my own novel, Murder Boy.

Second, we have more snow. I think this might be the most demoralizing batch yet. Yesterday was so nice and warm and the ice had all melted and a lot of the snow was starting to melt and it really felt like spring was on it’s way. To have all of that ruined by more snow just sucks. And on top of that, the kids have ANOTHER snow day today on a day when I have a bunch of conference calls. The last time the kids were home when I had conference calls, Holly ended up with a bloody mouth. I don’t know how this winter would have worked with me not working from home. With the roads as awful as they’ve been and the kids being out of school as much as they have been it would have been even worse, if not impossible. Gotta try and find the bright spots, right?