A Story About My Mad Parenting Skills


So that’s a picture of Holly starting her “school” today. She’s going to a three day a week half day pre-K program so I can have to uninterrupted time to work during the week and so she can get in the school groove for next year. Today she was supposed to bring in something that represented who she was to show the class.

Well, I forgot.

So we had just gone to McDonalds and my brilliant idea was to put her Happy Meal toy in the bag and have her take that. My wife thought that was tacky and that I was a boob but we didn’t really have any other options. She used this moment to point out that if I didn’t keep my car so clean I would have been able to find something better.


Anyway, as we’re walking on, my wife sees Holly is wearing the silver Best Friends necklace her cousin gave her. She figured THAT would be a great thing to show and replaced the Happy Meal junk with the necklace. We looked like great parents and she got to gloat about being right. Everyone wins. Sort of.