A Story About Budweiser and British Variety Shows

Last night was an odd mix of American and British culture. I had Dominos pizza, which is headquartered just a few miles from where I live in Michigan, and Budweiser. Of course this wasn’t the garbage beer from the US, this was a pilsner from the Budweiser region of the Czech Republic that was nice and hoppy. It went great with the pizza that had all of the traditional America pizza meats on it, plus little hotdogs which was kind of odd but tasty. I ate this while watching the The Royal Variety Performance, which seemed to be a big awards show with everything but awards. There were bland comedians and sappy musical performance and tributes to the royal family. For something so bland and low brow, I watched almost all of it and then watched a couple of quiz shows that were great. They make their quiz shows over here so hard and the prizes are such crap.

Today I’m off to Oxford. Never been to Oxford. Should be nice.

Also, an update on traveling only with my iPad instead of my Macbook: I think I made the right choice. The battery life has been amazing, though using this Bluetooth keyboard cover makes the battery life less amazing, and it’s been nice to be able to disconnect the keyboard when needed for Skyping with Becky and the kids. The best part is not having to take the iPad out of my bag during the security screen (except in France where I had to go through security again even though I came in off of a flight and never left the airport. I really hate the Paris airport).