A Review of Me

I think 2007 may have been the most signifigant year of my life so far professionally and personally. In addition to cracking a couple of hard markets, writing some stories that other people thought were good, and finally getting picked up for anthologies, this was the first year I got paid for my fiction. That’s amazing to me. So thanks to Megan Powell over at SHRED OF EVIDENCE who gave me a check for a reprint of my story LOAD which was the first payment check I ever receieved for fiction. And thanks to Richard Helms who picked up my story RUINS OF DETROIT and gave me my first check for original fiction. And definite props to Big Daddy Thug Todd Robinson who gave me my first anthology check for MURDER BOY.

Oh yeah, I also got engaged too. So I guess I should thank Becky for that. And thank whatever doctors put her on the meds that made her say yes. And in turn, she got me the dog I’ve always wanted. So thanks for Stewie too.

And now looking forward there are only a few things I want next year. An Agent. A Bookdeal. An Original Anthology Invitation. Is that too much? I’d also like to see a play of mine produced somewhere. To that end, I will write more books next year trying to get as good as I can. I want to write outside my genre and stretch myself even if I never get published. I’m starting to hit my stride on short stories so I want to keep that up and again, stretch myself so that when the inevitable anthology invitation comes I’m ready to go. I also want to write another full-length play and a screenplay. A screenplay is the only piece of fiction I haven’t written so far.

Over at Laura Lippman’s blog she’s asking everyone to sum up their resolutions in one word. My word is PROFESSIONAL. Everything I do next year will be to make myself a professional writer.