A Relatively Irony and Sarcasm-free Thankfulness Post With a Random Bit About My New Kindle Paperwhite

I can be a jaded asshat sometimes, and for some reason when I see everyone posting these 30 days of thankfulness things on Facebook I get all up in arms and wonder why people aren’t thankful the rest of the year. And then I realize I’m even worse and maybe sometimes we need a turkey-based holiday to remind us to slow down and say some thanks. And as I sit here at a Mcdonalds in the middle of the day doing editing work that I love on a really shiny new computer, it would seem in very poor form not to mention how thankful I am for my life.

I was looking through some posts from last year and even though I mentioned I was thankful for my healthy kids, it was coming from a very tired and frustrated place. I’m still happy for healthy kids, but I’m also happy they’re (mostly) growing out of their exhaustingly obnoxious stages. They still have their moments, but for the most part they are fun to be around and we’ve figured out how to diffuse the worst of the emotional flare-ups.

I’m also thankful Becky has the opportunity to do what she loves. It’s hard sometimes as a loving partner to sit here and see myself getting all of my dreams handed to me on a platter while Becky, who has worked longer and harder than I ever have, wasn’t seeing her opportunities. But now that’s starting to come through for her as well and I can go back to focusing on myself.

In other news I bought a Kindle Paperwhite last night and holy cow that is the best ereader I’ve ever seen. I had one of the base $69 Kindles when they first came out, but I gave it away when I got my iPad because I figured that would become my main ereading device. Well, I love the iPad and I love reading manuscripts on it, but it sucks for pleasure reading. I need a small, light weight distraction-free device with an eink screen rather than LCD. I really enjoyed my previous Kindle, but couldn’t really read it in the dark, which was disappointing. The Paperwhite takes care of that problem. It also has a touchscreen that is so much easier to navigate than my last Kindle was. So all-in-all I’m very happy for this device and everything else in my life.