A Prisoner of Home

prisoner.jpgFirst, some fun news. The cover for A PRISONER OF MEMORY AND 25 OF THE YEARS FINEST CRIME AND MYSTERY STORIES is now online at Amazon.com and it looks cool. You’ll recall my story CADAVER DOG, originally published in HARDLUCK STORIES, will be appearing in this anthology. I’m going to be in an anthology with Michael Connelly, laura Lippman, and Lawrence Block, three of my major writing heroes.

All I gotta say is I want Christmas over and New Year’s and the rest of winter so that we can get to May when this anthology AND the THUGLIT anthology will hit the shelves. May is going to friggin’ rule. It’s so awesome to be finally getting paid for my short stories. That will be important later because…

 Becky and I also just bought a house.

Not the fun kind of new house with walls and floors and stuff. No, we bought a ‘fixer-upper’ The plus is that we bought it at half of it’s possible market value, the bad news is it DOESN’T HAVE ANY FLOORS OR WALLS. Of course I’m exageratting a bit, it’s really only missing drywall from about halfway down the walls and it has floors, but no carpet or padding or anything. All of this may seem absurd to those who know me, but my dear Becky’s family lives for this stuff. Her parents have made a healthy living from buying these old wrecks off of the foreclosure lists and fixing them up. So they know what they’re doing. And they expect me to contribute.

That should be fun. this blog I think has been getting a bit stale over the last few months so it will be fun to have something new to report on. And of course there will be pictures. Lot’s and lots of pictures.