A Note on My Happiness from 2012

Much as I tried to keep away from it, 2012 may have contained some of the most negative posts in my blogging history. But today we celebrate the good things of 2012. Over Jim Hines’ blog he’s running a contest to win autographed copies of a couple of his books. To enter all you have to do is go to the comments section and talk about something good that happened in 2012. Well, I don’t want to win signed copies (I prefer to get my books signed in person and hopefully I’ll get my Hines books signed by the man in person at Penguicon) but I thought it was a great idea to chat about over here today.

And for 2012, I think the happiest thing that happened to me was that my wife and kids survived and thrived in 2012. I have a problem over here getting caught up in my own stuff and don’t talk about my kids as much as I should. But man, my kids are cool. They’re at that age where they’re growing into their personalities and exploring everything around them.

Spenser loves superheroes and cars. He runs EVERYWHERE he goes with an energy I find both amazing and exhausting. His more recent highlights involved going sledding for the first time and finally building a snowman in our back yard. He also heals like a superhero which is cool and terrifying all at the same time.

Holly, while slightly more girly in her toys (loves dollies and ponies) and clothes (she LOVES to wear skirts and tiaras) can defend herself well against her big brother. She has ridiculous leg and upper body strength for a little girl and just this morning Becky and I were wondering if their might be a future for her in wrestling as she tried to pin the cat to the ground. She enjoys tea parties as well as playing with Spiderman and the Ninja Turtles in the Batcave. She also loves to ride around on my shoulders. Both of the kids love to color and to read. Holly especially will line up her dolls and read to them like her teachers read to her. They can both write their names and spell their names, including Quertermous. They can even pronounce it correctly which I find very cool.

And every day I’m reminded how great a fit Becky is for me as a wife. We have the same off-color sense of humor and share an intolerance for petty crap. Neither of us much care what others think of us and we don’t feel the need to put on a show for our friends and neighbors. She cooks what I like and she’s an excellent baker. While I complain a lot about how messy she is around the house, she is good about doing the laundry and doing the dishes, which are two things I HATE to do. She has also instilled in our kids a love of exercise and a love for fruits and vegetables that will hopefully make sure they don’t turn out as pasty and processed as myself.

So those are some of my highlights from 2012. What were yours?