A Note About the Archives

To make this site a true one stop shopping experience for all things Q, I’ve imported all of the posts and comments from the old blogspot site and deleted the old site. I also went in and cleaned out all of the spam comments and duplicate posts etc. to make it nice and shiny. So go ahead and have a look through the origins of this blog and me as a writer starting in 2004. This will also make it easier to eventually get around to publishing an e-book collection of posts from here because I’m given to understand WordPress makes it easy to convert things to e-books. We shall see.

On a side note, I was a bit surprised to find myself saddened when I hit the delete button on the blogger site. Sure all of the words and pictures and comments from those years are here, but that site was my first real major online presence and it was with me through four of the most tranformative years of my life to this point. I’m also a sentimental putz as well.

More content tomorrow. Controversial content. Ahhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh.

UPDATE: Hey I just found out that when I imported all of the old Blogger posts into this site it sent them out to my RSS feed as new posts. Oops. Sorry about that. Please don’t hate me. Thanks.