A Long Overdue Post About My Ukulele

I bought this little beauty in January 2013 with an Amazon gift card I got from my in-laws for Christmas. I had already bought as many books as I wanted at the time and still had about $50 left on the card. I’d been following John Scalzi’s adventures with his ukulele and it seemed like a cool instrument. I have a long history of wanting to play the guitar as well as a long history of giving up on the guitar when it gets hard and my small little hands require more strength and practice than I’m willing to put in. But this is smaller, with fewer strings with the ability to play many many songs, not just creepy novelty tunes and Train covers.

But January 2013 was a rough month for me and so I put the uke away and completely forgot about it for about two years until I was cleaning our bedroom and I came across it. Coincidentally, I found it as that urge to play guitar made its semi-regular appearance in my brain. So I took the uke out and starting fooling around with it and quickly learned a song. Go me. Since then I’ve taken it out a few more times and have enjoyed it. Spenser is fascinated by it too and likes to watch me play.

It’s a Diamond Head DU-100 soprano ukulele that turns out to be a pretty good instrument according to the reviews I’m only now reading. The size is a little too small though for some chords and I have dreams up moving up to a slightly bigger concert size one when I have some extra money, but for now, this one does the job quite well. I think I’m going to invest $10 in a set of higher quality strings, but other than that I just want to learn to play a few more songs well on this one before getting carried away with buying something newer and shinier.