A Half-Baked Comparison Between Off-Broadway And Indie Publishing

Since I’ve been spending a lot of time in New York City lately my thoughts have been turning heavily toward the theater scene. With a vested interest in the publishing industry, it’s nice to be exposed to an art form that is even more poorly run and closer to death than prose fiction. I was able to see two musical the last time I was there, one good and one crap. The crap one was Bullets Over Broadway, the musical based on one of my favorite Woody Allen movies, and the good one was Newsies, based on the cult 90s movie that I loved.

I also got me thinking about my own writing and how much I would like to see my work on stage again. When I was 19 I had a hardboiled pastiche produced at a black box theater in Flint and then when I was in college I had a few staged readings of plays, but here in town we have a gorgeous new 400 seat theater where I would love to see my work staged. There is a local theater company that produces a short play festival every other year at that theater so of course I’ve been thinking about what I can write to enter next month.

I went through my favorite short stories that I’ve written and didn’t find any that would work well for staging. They either have too much internal narration (Cadaver Dog) or would require settings too extravagant for the stage (Loosest Sl ts In Vegas). I had a short screenplay I wrote that I also think would be good for staging but again, I’m not sure how gunfire would work on stage for a small company. But I wasted too much time this week thinking about it when I should have been working on my new novel.

As I get to 300 words though I see this post really has nothing to do with my thoughts about Off-Broadway and indie publishing so maybe I’ll come back around to that. I just had read a few stories about Neil Simon who has been the main investor in his own plays since the 80s and how he staged a few of his plays Off-Broadway in the  90s because staging them on Broadway was too expensive. But I’ll come back around to that tomorrow. Maybe.