A Good ***** Spoiled

I’m hungry right now and I’m cruising Match.com from my table in the window downtown. I’m not sure the door are related. I think I’ve had the best luck of anyone I know with Internet dating. I met one serious girlfriend and the first love of my life both through the site. There has also been varying levels of fun and riff raff inbetween.

I had an interesting first date with this one girl on Saturday. We hung out forever and talked about everything and generally clicked very well. We even romped through campus hand-in-hand at the end. And then I didn’t hear anything from her. I called her the next day, once, she never returned my calls. I emailed her Monday and she responded to that and then I sent another email in return asking for another date Wednesday or Sunday. Nothing back. So I emailed her again yesterday, just a simple one line hello email and she reponded later that things were crazy at work and she’d call me last night. Nothing. And no email today.

This has been a great reaction on my end because I tend to be very doubtful and unnerved and annoying in these situtations. But right now I don’t have time for this dating crap. Come honest or don’t come at all. I won’t play games and I won’t be somebody I’m not. I don’t need a woman that badly. So if I hear back from her, cool, but she has a history of poor communication skills and I just don’t have the patience for that. I don’t need to talk to a girl every day, but I like my phone calls returned (to this day, I’ve called her about six times in the three weeks we’ve been talking and she hasn’t returned a single phone call) and my presence acknowledged once in a while.

But I still have faith someone is out there. I’ve had a story to work on and other things to think about, not all revolving around a certain Ohio locality, so I’m not worried. Still, the picking so far seem slim on Match. And I’ve gotten so used to success online I’m not sure I could hack hitting up anyone in person. So I’ll continue to browse and wait for a sign…or at least an email.