A Follow-Up to My Smelly House and a Note on Failure

So the smell I discussed previously that had been camped out in my house has been gone now for more than four days. I think it’s safe to assume I removed everything rotting and festering for now.

In other related news, the rotting scent of failure has been surrounding me in an aspect of my real life. Yesterday I was finally able to crack open a window and let the smell dissipate. And let me tell you, I know as Americans we have a history of embracing failure and learning from it and all of that crap, but we don’t talk enough about how much it sucks to fail at something.

And it does. It’s embarrassing and depressing and, depending on the timing, can ruin your life. So far the timing on my particular failure has been okay and there does’t seem to be any long-term harm on the horizon except to my ego. But man, I’m shell shocked and kind of nervous about trying again.

I’m still wondering what to do about June here at the site. I initially thought about doing a post every day, but I’m not sure that’s the best thing. I’m still way behind on the amount of writing I need/want to do on my new novel and any words I write here are words that aren’t going in the novel. That’s not to say I won’t post here at all, because this site does feed a part of me that I need and I hope you all out there find it entertaining enough to pop by when I have something to say. I just suspect I will keep the same random schedule I always have. But maybe I’ll make sure no more than two or three days go by without me posting something here, even if it’s just a picture. How’s that? Would that work?

And on a final note, I’ve lowered the prices on my editing services for the summer, so go check them out and tell all of your friends. My kids have a very expensive toy habit.