A Filler Post I’m Starting With No Idea What It Will Be About That I’m Hoping Turns Into Something Profound

I made some changes to my MURDER BOY page that includes new blurbs from Chris Holm and Anthony Neil Smith. I also updated the descriptive blurb to something less rambly and confusing and more punchy. Anytime I do stuff like that I get more excited about this book. I can’t for this book to come out and mostly for people to start reading it.

The weather is finally starting to come around and I’m on my way out right now for a walk with the kids. We’re waiting for Holly who is freaking out because she’s afraid of ants. I’m happy because ants means it’s warm enough for them not to die which means it’s warm enough for *me* not to die if I go outside.

After that big giant post I wrote about structure and outlining and notes and stuff, I’ve chucked most of it and decided I just want to set myself a goal for 1000 words a day until it’s done. I know the basics of what’s going to happen and this is how I want to write this book. For the next book I write this year (yes, I still want to write two books this year) I will absolutely need to do this kind of pre-planning though as both of the books are of types I have never written before (a cozy or an urban fantasy)

I’ve also been toying with the idea of a post about agents and why I’m not working with one and why I probably won’t be looking to work with one in the near future, but as usual I don’t have my mind wrapped around it enough to generate a decent post.

So that’s what’s in my head tonight and I hope your world is better now for having read it. Go take a walk too, we all need more of it.