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All of this talk of ebooks and pricing and increased royalties has intrigued me. I don’t want to get into any debates about the future of publishing or what price these things should be or anything, what I’m wondering is if I should put my very first novel LUNCHBOX HERO up for sale at Amazon for the Kindle.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while because every few months or so for the last several years I’ve gotten requests from people wanting to purchase LBH. It was a finalist for the CWA Debut Dagger Award and the first chapter was published at Allan Guthrie’s zine NOIR ORIGINALS and sadly, might still be my most popular work. But so far I’ve resisted putting it out there. For authors who already have established brand names (Joe Konrath, Lee Goldberg) putting up their out of print books or unpublished novels seems like a good idea. But for me, who has not yet published a novel, I’ve always thought it was a bad idea to put anything but my best effort out there. The thing is, reading back over LBH, it’s actually quite enjoyable. I can see why it wasn’t picked up by a major house for publication, but I don’t think anyone who paid, say $1.99, would be disappointed in it.

What are your thoughts on this? Are any of you out there eager to read LUNCHBOX HERO? Would you pay for the privilege? How much?

P.S. For those who don’t know of LUNCHBOX HERO, here’s the blurb I wrote for it when I was querying agents:

Raised in the 80’s on a steady diet of action movies and flashy PI
television shows, Kenny Shepard longs to be an action
hero. But when he takes a job in Detroit as a file boy for TV star-turned-PI Steve Vaughn, adventure gives way to mind-numbing boredom. Then, in the space of an hour, two clients and a bail bondsman drop by the office looking for Vaughn with ultimatums on their mind. Kenny decides his only option is to find Steve. Instead he find his corpse. Suddenly besieged by vigilante stuntmen, a crusading FBI agent, and vengeful Hollywood producers, not to mention his overbearing mother, Kenny discovers that he might just be an action hero after all.