A Decade of Wedded Bliss

It’s crazy to think that Becky and I have been married longer than I’ve been on Facebook. And I’ve been on Facebook a loooooooong time. But ten years ago today, we snuck off to the Washtenaw County courthouse and started our married life in secret. I’ve written more in depth about my dual wedding dates previously on this site, so I won’t talk about that today. But in a year that has been kind of rough for a number of reasons, I am so lucky to have a wife and a friend and a partner in crime to keep me grounded and sane and happy. Marrying Becky was THE best decision I’ve ever made in my life and ten years in I’ve never even come close to regretting it (and I tend to regret almost everything I do at one time or another).

Tonight we’ll be going out for a fancy adult dinner, then this weekend we’ll be heading to Cedar Point to eat garbage and visit haunted houses and ride roller coasters like kids. We were originally going to do a wine weekend in Traverse City, but that seemed boring and visiting Cedar Point during Halloween was actually one of our first dates together, so it just fits.