A cautious revival

The last few days have been pretty good writing-wise. I’ve written a few new paragraphs as I’ve restructered what I thought was salvagable and felt good about what I had. And then last night I wrote the first new chapter in many months and upon rereading it this morning I don’t hate it. That’s about all I can ask for these days. And more importantly, I have a clear idea of where I need to go with this book. Yay me.

I’ll get a nice creative boost this weekend as well. Becky and I will be dropping in for a quick trip to Baltimore to see Laura Lippman at the CityLit Festival. I wanted Becky to have a chance to meet Laura and believe it or not, it’s cheaper to fly to Baltimore from Detroit than to Chicago or Minneapolis (the closest to Michigan Laura got this year). We’ll also be hooking up with Dave White for some fun and the town and an Oriole’s baseball game on Sunday.

Dave has an interesting nickname around our house: Master Dave. When Becky and I were addressing all of our wedding invitations we were watching some Beavis and Butthead episodes on DVD. One of the episodes was the one with David Spade as a manners expert who keeps referring to Beavis and Master Beavis. Well, the next invitation up after hearing that was Dave’s so we addressed it to Master Dave White. Since then, every time I mention Dave Becky calls him Master Dave.