A Bonus Post About My Glasses

I’ll have a longer post about my glasses tomorrow and how they play into the three items of hipster culture I currently adore, but for right now I thought I’d add a little bonus post for those paying attention without coming here from FB or Twitter or whatever.

So far plastic framed have been better for me than my wire frames but I’m still having trouble wearing them every day. I’ve always worn them at night when I drive because I can’t see a damn thing without them. I’ve also always worn them to the movies for the same reason. But at work I rarely wear them because I work so close to my computer that they do more harm than good. But lately I’ve found myself needing to wear them all the time to keep my vision crisp. That’s been difficult because I hate wearing accessories. I’ve never worn a watch or ring until I got married. And glasses just bother after a while. The only pair of glasses I had that never bothered me was a ridiculously expensive pair of lightweight frameless glasses. I loved them but eventually I found them too fragile and was terrified of breaking them so now they are my back up glasses.

I know I need to just stick it out and wear my glasses all the time every day until I get used to them, but even with my wedding ring I still find certain situations (like when it’s really hot) where I have to take it off for a day or so. If I do that with glasses will I have to start all over again getting used to them?

If I had the money and was less afraid of total vision loss, I’d get Lasik surgery, but a part of me still feels that as a reader and writer glasses are part of my identity.