A Blogette If You Will

I want to write something here and I have for a few days, but I didn’t want to commit to an 800 word essay with themes and repercussions and all that nonsense so I left it blank here. But I’ve got to get over this thought that every time I post here it has to be big and meaty and such. I don’t have that luxury like I did more than five years ago when I started this blog and had a whole lot of time and energy on my hands.

I was thinking about those days this week as Patti Abbott’s flash fiction comes up next week. I’d never written flash fiction before about 2006 and then I seemed to be writing a ton of it. It was a nice way to burn off those little ideas that stuck in my head but weren’t enough to power a whole story. There’s a couple I’d like to go back one day and develop into something more substantial, but the bulk of them worked well as little flashes, if you will. I was blogging a lot then too, and working on Demolition and working on a novel here and there too. The funny thing is, not much of it was really good. It’s only been recently, as I’ve matured, and my life is settled down, and I’ve had to become more focused that I think my stuff is getting better. One of my major weaknesses early on with stories was not developing them enough. I would get a great flash of an idea, or setting, or snippet of dialogue and I’d be off and running to see where it went. That was a great way to develop my voice and find what does and does not work for me, but it’s nice to be focusing more on a project and doing more revisions and seeing some depth come to my work.

But…it will still be nice to write some flash fiction over the holiday. I’ll be working on my WIP, but I’ve got a couple of little ideas that need burning off first. So Happy Thanksgiving and we’ll see you in a few days.