Never Open with Weather

It was 8 degrees last week. Why is it now almost 60? I hate this state. All of the pretty snow is melted away and my sinuses are in full rebellion. This whole week I’ve got to get up earlier and be in here a half hour earlier than normal. And my normal shift is pushing the limits of what I consider acceptable waking time. I don’t get these authors who write full time and don’t have to get up early for a job, but CHOOSE to wake up at 6 or 7 am to write. You call it discipline, I call it crazy. In a perfect world I would be up around 10 am and stay up until all hours of the night. I love the late night and the middle of the night.

But before that can ever happen I have to finish this new book. And so far this year I’ve not only failed to write any new words, I’ve actually ended up cutting 16,000 of the ones I already had. But it needed to be done, and rather cut 16,000 then waste another two weeks and cut 30,000. I’ve got a solid outline prepared of the rest of the book and now I’m in the process of planning the last 100 pages or so. I’ve managed to pull out four plot strands that need to be answered and wrapped up but I only have solutions or answers for two of them. In one of his comments last week Greg Bardsley says doing this forces him to confront plot questions that he has been “writing around.” That totally describes what I’ve been doing in the pages I cut and it doesn’t make for very good storytelling

So we’ll see if I can solve these problems with dramatic and inventive solutions and wrap everything up in a neat and satisfying package. Or maybe it will all just end up being a dream…