After five months and some change I finally finished novel number three RUINS OF DETROIT. Dave White debates that completion time because the opening of that book has been bouncing around in various forms for almost a year before I started adding to it as a book. But I’m counting from the first day I added new words and started writing on a consistant basis, May 28.

This is not the first novel I’ve attempted in the two years since I completed the last draft of my second book. I wrote two novels that I abandonded after 60,000+ words. I then went through a crisis of confidence and wondered about my future and stopped blogging for a while. And then I had a baby. I was pretty sure I’d never finish anything again. But slowly, 200-300 words at a time I started writing every day, and I didn’t talk about it with anyone and I didn’t blog about it, and now it’s done.

I’m itching to start something new right away, but I think my brain needs a rest and I need to spend more time with my family for a while. I’ve got a third novel in the can and nothing but time and potential to make it great.