A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Okay, it was only 29 years ago and it was in Pontiac, Michigan, but it was still a monumental occasion for it was the birth of your favorite blog host: me!

That’s right, today I am 29 years old people. While I’m not fearing the approaching thirty there’s still a little gasp of air when I think about how old I really am. It’s kind of like that last click on your way up a rollercoaster before you plunge over the top. You’re not really scared, you know you aren’t going to die, but still…

I’m also reminded of the Friends episode where they all reflect back on their 30th birthdays and Joey keeps trying to make deals with God so none of them turn 30, but eventually they all do. Now I used up my Deals with God punchcard a long time ago, but even if I had the option I wouldn’t change my life up to this point. I think I’ve put in a decent life so far for an average suburban boy. Obviously there are things I haven’t accomplished yet that I thought for sure I would by now but there are other things I’ve been able to do I never would have even thought were possible. I’m just glad I didn’t wake up today and find myself in a dead end job with no ambition wondering why I never pursued that whole writing thing.

So as I move into the next thirty years of my life I’ll avoid making a list of all the things I want to do, but the two areas I will probably focus on will be my writing career and hopefully starting a family of my own. Of the two, I’m still not absolutely sure which one ranks highest. If forced to make a choice between the two I think I’m still young enough to go for the book deal over the family. But then again, maybe I just haven’t met the right girl yet. But then again…again, maybe I haven’t met the right agent.

The one lesson I have learned though is that whatever plans I make they WILL change.