2018 Reading Update

I just hit 49 books read for the year, which is the most I’ve read as an adult and I’m on track to finally hit the 52 books in a year goal I’ve long craved. I still have three more books to read and I suspect my current read, THE BEST BAD THINGS by Katrina Carrasco will be on this list, but for now, here are my favorite reads of 2018.

TAKE MY HAND by Megan Abbott
IN HER BONES by Katie Moretti
DEAD GIRLS by Alice Bolin
IF I DIE TONIGHT by Alison Gaylin
SUNBURN by Laura Lippman
UNDER MY SKIN by Lisa Unger
TRULY DEVIOUS by Maureen Johnson
HOW IT HAPPENED by Micheal Koryta
JAR OF HEARTS by Jennifer Hillier
THE THREE BETHS by Jeff Abbott

Update (12/29/18): I’m at 51 books for the year and currently reading what will likely be 52. One of these books was JAR OF HEARTS by Jennifer Hillier and I regret every moment this year I spent before I read this one. It was amazing. My current read is Jeff Abbott’s THE THREE BETHS and it’s definitely an honorable mention. It could all go to crap by the end, but I doubt it.

Update (12/30/18): I finished THE THREE BETHS and it was amazing. So I met my goal! I’ve also updated the list above to reflect this new information as well as adding a book (the Koryta one) that I loved but thought was published in 2017.

While I would definitely like to read a lot in 2019, I don’t know that I want to push for 52 again. I stuck with too many books I didn’t like just because I was too invested in them to quit, and I passed on reading a couple of books with longer page counts because I didn’t want to ruin my streak. I think 40-45 is my sweet spot and that’s what I’d like to aim for.