2015 Awards Consideration Post

I want to act like I’m above petty competition and that I don’t care about awards or being nominated or even being considered for being nominated but that would be a lie. It does mean a lot to me and it would be awesome to be nominated for an award in 2016. I worked really hard on Murder Boy and I’m incredibly proud of it. Other people worked really hard on it as well and I would love for their support and contributions to be rewarded and validated.

Best First Novel

Murder Boy was released by Polis Books (an MWA-approved publisher) in March 2015 and is eligible for all Best First Novel awards.

This will be a tough year for Best First Novel competitions because there was a lot of great work published by debut novelists. Hell, on my publisher alone there are two stellar debut novels in Rob Hart’s New Yorked and Patti Abbott’s Concrete Angel that I loved so much I originally bought them for Exhibit A when I was the editor. Plus, you throw in the double rural duo of Bull Mountain by Brian Panowich and David Joy’s Where All The Light Tends To Go and it gets even tougher.  But I think Murder Boy is scrappy and deserves a shot too.

Best Humorous Novel 

Some conferences or award programs (such as Left Coast Crime) don’t have a first novel category but they do have a Best Humorous Novel category. Murder Boy would be eligible for these awards as well. It’s certainly dark humor, but the book’s funny parts were referenced in almost all of the reviews so SOMEONE thought it was funny (that someone was NOT my mother, btw).

Best Paperback Original Novel

If the awards ballot does not contain a Best First Novel category, Murder Boy, released as a trade paperback original, would be eligible for this category.

Thank you for your consideration.