2014 Income Distribution

I like how a bunch of writers detail their income every year to show how much (or little) real working writers make. I didn’t make enough from writing novels this year to make it a worthwhile experiment here, but I did have substantial income from freelance editing. Kameron Hurley had a great post about how her writing income compared to her day job income and I thought that would be a great way to frame it here. So without giving away actual numbers here’s how my income broke down in 2014:


A couple of things of note. The day job income includes my Angry Robot income from January until June plus my severance payment as well as work at my new day job from October through December. The freelance editing income includes work I did during the months between leaving AR and starting my new job as well as a few projects I’ve completed while in the new day job. It’s interesting to note that due to higher rates overall and a couple of very high paying publisher projects, I only made $170 less in freelance editing income in 2014 than I did in 2013 working 8 fewer months.

For 2015 I expect the freelance editing income to diminish a bit and the day job income to increase a bit and the novel income to increase a good bit. Here’s hoping, right.