I finished a story over the weekend, that always feels good. I’d been working on it for a month or so and I knew it was winding to a close around Thursday but couldn’t find the hour or so of uninterupted time I needed to actually finish the stupid thing until Sunday at Starbucks. As always, the ending was the hardest part and while I like what I have right now, it works better in theory than in practice. That’s what rewrites are for though, right?

Overall, I feel good about the story and where I am right now with my skill level. There’s some excellent promise in the idea and themes of the story, a few flashes of good writing, and a whole lot of garbage that needs to be eliminated. The final word count of the first draft was 9,440 words and 35 pages. That beats my old record by a good 2,000 words. Of course I didn’t actual figure out what the story was about until halfway through so I think that explains a lot, but I’ve certainly moved beyond the days when I had to struggle to eek out 3,000 words for a solid story.

With that story done, I’ve got one more story I want to write and then I want to start work on the next book. Not a PI book, but an Elmore Leonard type crime story with lots of cool characters and neat dialogue based on my MURDER BOY short story.
We’ll see how that turns out.

What are your summer writing plans?