10k on the New Book

Just cleared 10k on the new book. This is the first time I’ve edited as I go instead of just flying along without looking at what I’m doing. So even though I’m not making the kind of progress I anticipated, the words I have done are third or fourth draft words and that’s pretty cool.

I had a brief freak out around 5k where I was tempted by a shiny new idea and wanted to abandon all of the prep work I put into this book and move on to the next thing, but luckily wiser folks talked me out of that. And then just a thousand words or so short of 10k, I saw Ready Player One (which is a great movie based on a terrible book)  and was overtaken by the desire to really let my imagination fly and abandon this book for the cyberpunk book I’ve been plotting on the side, but, again, cooler heads prevailed and here we are. I suspect I’ll be free of freak outs until the midpoint somewhere around 45k.