I’ve really been missing my longer posts lately. The last couple of weeks’ worth, while I’m sure they are fairly entertaining, are not representative of this blog or my writing. I vowed when I started this blog that I would never resort to placeholder posts or stupid update posts unless I was mocking placeholder posts or stupid update posts. Sadly, I believe what I’ve been doing the last few weeks has been stupid update posts. It’s not been for lack of time, or lack of topics, or lack of much of anything. I’m not even really sure what’s wrong but I am to fix it.

I don’t think I’ve had a really good post here since my last one about my break-up with Toledo. And it’s not even really the love/heartache aspect of those posts that I think made those posts excellent, but it was the last time I think I was really honest in my writing. I peeled away the pomp and the attitude and the shield of humor and let you see into my head for good and bad. My posts lately have been missing that. I think my last post there about the web of links between me and various people had the potential to be a really good, very humorous long form blog piece but I got lazy with it and cut it short and went for the easy sell.

I’ve also noticed a suspicious lack of genuine humor in my blog posts lately and this is another thing that baffles me. Actually, it really doesn’t. My best humor comes off the cuff and from the top of my head and that’s not how I’ve been writing lately. Today was interesting in that I had two VERY different reactions to this blog blah based on two different articles I read.

This morning, I read a story in New York Magazine about how to make a living as a blogger and for a brief period thought about really ramping up my efforts, spending a significant amount of time browsing news and other sites and updating several times a day in the hopes of getting a large enough audience to make some money off of the blog or write something so sharp and witty and insightful that I’d be approached by someone to come on board their enterprise as a full-time blogger. Then, just a few minutes ago I came across an article in Slate about a girl who was going to close down her blog because it interfered with her finishing her first novel. And after that, I briefly entertained the notion of shutting down this blog for a while and getting back to it later on in my life.

Instead, I decided to do what I do best and blog about it.

I don’t want to shut down this blog. It’s a great outlet for me and its building a nice little fan base that I think will be helpful in any of my future endeavors. And while I think it would be cool to be invited to contribute to magazines like Slate or The Morning News every once in a while, I don’t want to blog full-time. I want to maintain this place as a fun little corner where I can talk about serious religious issues one day, frustrating writing issues another, and follow-up with a rant about how someone as smart as Rory Gilmore can have such stupid taste in men. But I think I can take a few hints from the pro-blogging story to maybe give this blog a little more exposure and crack the ceiling of where its been hit count-wise.

The first is to update more frequently. I think if I stick to a three day a week publishing schedule I’ll be able to maintain the level of readership I know this blog is capable of. Second, I think I’m going to break my initial vow of no excessive linking in posts. My life is not enough to maintain the sort of blog presence I envision. While I’ll stay away from politics and gossip, I’ll look to other areas of news for interesting tidbits to rant and pontificate on.

In the end, this blog is an advertisement for me and my writing. Once I’m a published novelist I’ll probably use this more as a writing and promo site, but for now, all I have are opinions and observations with the occasional short story thrown in for good measure. So make yourself at home, it’s going to be a wild ride Mr. Toad.