World Wide Web indeed. Here’s a little story of how four very different people all ended up intertwined in this wibbly wobbly environment as Mr. Banks like to call it. I don’t usually like posts littered with blog links but I think it’s neccesary in this case.

So, our lady Toledo was searching the web the other day for the website of a friend of hers. It had been called Liquid Genius or something like that at the time but what it led her to was this site featuring my first published poem “Liquid Genius.” At the same time, I was doing an ego-boosting Technorati search and came across a mention of this blog in another blog by a columnist for the Toledo Free Press. And in that post, the writer says that after she read through my blog, she started clicking through some of the links on my blogroll and came across this blog.

After being made aware of this little web, a grateful Toledo thanked me for keeping her identity anonymous even though she didn’t think it was a big deal at the time.