I’ve been in a fickle blogging mood lately. There have been a couple times I sat down with an idea or two but couldn’t muster up the effort due to the poor numbers generated by my last two posts. I figured everybody was busy with the upcoming holidays so I took a break and read and wrote instead. The book is creeping toward 50K which pleases me and in a week or so (or month the way my progress fluctuates) I should be crossing the 60K line which would beat out all of my other novel manuscripts so far. That will be fine indeed. But let’s talk about what I’ve been reading. Did anyone see that dog who was the centerfold of…I mean, uh, so Victor Gischler wrote a book.

Since I’m behind, I haven’t gotten to SHOTGUN OPERA yet, but by title alone that should be a bestseller. Instead, I just zipped through SUICIDE SQUEEZE. At points the book seems like a WONDER BOYS-infused hallucination, and at others it’s very reminiscent of the bloody humor or his first effort GUN MONKEYS. But style aside, what makes this book great it the character of Conner Samson.

Samson is a sensitive but tough ex-jock and current repo man with a sliding, but never fluid, ethical code. He’s brooding and funny and jealous and just trying to make his way in a life peppered by an inordinate number of dead bodies and fat Japanese men. I’d like to see more books about Samson but I tend toward an addictive personality and love series books so take that how you will.

Gischler is one of the nicest and most talented guys on the new noir scene and deserves big success. Go out and buy SUICIDE SQUEEZE along with SHOTGUN OPERA and see if you can’t get a spot in the next bloody hallucination.

And Victor, Sarah and I think you need to write a hardboiled version of Ghostbusters. Now.