I love politics but I have been embarrased lately by most participants and observers on both sides and the lack of respect, intelligence, and support in most political arguments. Two recent posts have given my political interest a fresh hope. The first was JD Rhoads’ post on why he “turned Republican” which indicts many conservatives for letting Republican politicians off the hook for things they lynch liberal politicians for. I admit I’ve even been guilty of it at times.

But the blog that most excites me is Barry Eisler’s new blog The Heart of the Matter. His stated goal is a forum for examining the intersection of language and politics. As a student of both political science and rhetoric, I love the idea of this type of discussion. One of the best classes I ever took at the University of Michigan-Flint was Rhetoric and the American Political Landscape. This was at the height of the Clinton scandals and gave me a new appreciation for how language and communication affects politics.

Barry is a very nice guy possesing a wicked intellect and I look forward to seeing how this progresses. Despite my naturally optimistic nature though, I don’t suspect it will be long before the site degenerates into a mess of flame wars and ignorance.