We have a midpoint.

I decided to take Stacy’s advice and find a way to work through my love troubles in the novel instead of losing steam by working on something else. I started this morning by cutting about 300 words that took the chapter in a direction I wasn’t ready to go in yet and replaced them with something new. I fiddled around and set up some new backstory then used the 400 words I had of the short story I was going to work on as the start of a new chapter. And walla-wazzoo it worked. I’m on my way to working through my grief and confusion, and most importantly I finally broke the 40K barrier.

This is also a signifigant milestone (in light of the subject of the day’s writing) because it’s the first major milestone I’ve reached on this book that wasn’t done in Ohio or with Toledo (See, we break up and finally get the wording of it right). I really like where this chapter is going and could add some nice resonance to the themes developing in the main plotline. Ahhhh, this feels good. Now I’m going to bed and dreaming of Christmas lights and Joan of Arc.