I love great titles. I hate trying to come up with great titles. I have to have a working title before I start a book and the one I used for the current WIP was MR. SATURDAY MORNING. This was originally the title I came up with for the sequel to Lunchbox and I liked it a lot. But as the new characters and storylines started to develop, that lighter title didn’t seem very appropriate.

My PI has a prominant scar and as the novel has progressed, that scar and the attack it resulted from are playing a larger role in the plot so I started looking for scar related quotes and the only idea I had was HONORABLE SCARS from a James Montgomery poem. That title was fairly unanimously panned and was even, at one point, compared to a Christian romance title. I disposed of it immediately and went back to the Saturday morning one.

Well, the plot has continued to work more and more of the scar’s backstory into the twists and I realized the time had arrived for a permenent change to a new title. So again, I hunted. This time though, I went to song lyrics instead of poetry or Shakespeare. I’ve developed a few ideas, some I’m more partial to than others, but I’ve decided to put it up for a blog vote. I’m going to post the title and the inspirational section of lyrics and see if any general consensus arises. If all else fails I may just find a way to relate it to Davinci.


On a train through the bronx that will take you just as far
As the empty of a bottle to the highway of a scar
That stretched across the blacktop of my cheek like that
And then ducks beneath the brim of a fugitive’s hat.

-Tom Waits, Potter’s Field


If you keep taking stabs at utopia
sooner or later there will be scars.

-Jeffery McDaniel, The Scars of Utopia


Now the burn of a bullet is only a scar
He’s back in his chair in front of the bar

-Guy Clark, The Last Gunfighter Ballad


Tonight I’m drinkin’ in the forgiveness
This life provides
The scars we carry remain but the pain slips away it seems
Oh won’t you baby be in my book of dreams

-Bruce Springsteen, Lucky Town