My day was one big long brain fart at work today. I spent SEVEN hours planking a mobile platform that I built yesterday. In two hours. Nothing went right. While I’ve freely admitted my skills in this area are limited, so far, when the Artistic Director gives me a job he explains it once and I do it good, just the way he wants. Not today.

It started off promising enough with a small project on this moving platform. The wheels were sticky so I had to take them off and grease the moving pieces and spray in some WD40. I felt very automotive with grease on my fingers and a ratchet in my hand. But then it all went south for the next project.

The biggest problem was screwing up almost every measurement I made. To my defense though, I was working with wood that was more warped than John Rickards. It would be different lengths at both ends. And I don’t have the experience to compensate for this kind of stuff so I went through lots and lots of lumber. Things started to pick up around noon and I took lunch at one figuring a break and some food might recharge my mushy brain. I came back from lunch and it only got worse. The measurements still weren’t working and then I put on an entire row with the wood grain going the wrong way.

My boss came back around five to help me get the thing done before rehearsal started and I was happy to see his measurement were coming up just as screwy as mine had, but he still zipped through it and we got it done in time. This whole thing gave me horrible flashbacks to my first few months at my first professional job as a reporter. I’d invariable have bad days where nothing went right and I was so terrified that I would be fired on the spot. But a learning curve is built in and most bosses don’t expect you to be a pro right away. I’ll go back tomorrow and hopefully be in better shape.

What do you guys do on those days when your brain just won’t fire right?