I almost didn’t blog tonight. I’m exhausted from work (yes, from actually working, not from staring at a computer screen for eight hours) and I figured if I was going to use my limited energy for writing it was going to be on my novel, not on the blog. But lo and behold, I did my 1000 words tonight and I still have a wee bit enough energy to give a little something to my fans.

This job has been great for me. While this opinion has mostly come from my female friends who don’t exactly think of me in the rugged man-job category, I tend to agree. Yesterday I felt like Pat Lambe, swinging around a massive pneumatic air gun nailing like a stud. It was mostly carpentry stuff and a some painting. Even a little welding.

There’s a joy in seeing something physical completed on your watch that you had a hand it. I can look at those platforms and stage extentions and now I built them with my own two hands. I can look at the lights hanging and know that I wired them and drilled the holes to run the wire and even stripped the wire and attached the plugs.

So Pat, can I come to Jersey and get my union card?