Random thoughts for a Friday…

-Donkey Show will live on. The fine folks at Thuglit have accepted the story. So thanks to Big Daddy Thug Todd Robinson for seeing the brilliance of donkey sex and Sarah Weinman for goading me into finishing the dumb thing. Viva la Burro!

-I will be seeing V for Vendetta later today. This is the first movie I’ve been excited about in a very long time. I’d even pay full price to see it at night if I wasn’t working. I had also planned on seeing Freedomland at the $2 theater too but it was already gone. That can’t be good. Next up on DVD is Ice Harvest which I’m not even sure made it to the theaters around here.

-It’s odd the kind of things that affect me in a book. I’m reading a novel that opens with a bank robbery in progress and while the guys are taking over the bank, some random person walks in from the street and when he sees the guns turns around and tries to run back out but he is gunned down. That bugged me in my dreams last night. It is a totally random thing that this guy couldn’t control. Imagine just walking into the bank planning on cashing your check or whatever and then bam. That’s it. Game over.

-It took theater to turn me into a real man. I’ve been doing handyman work, electric work and even some furniture assembly in my new position at the theater and this is stuff I NEVER would have probably done in my everyday life. It feels good to have scraps and cuts and calluses that aren’t typing-induced.