I managed to trudge through my own grief long enough today to heap lots of trouble on someone else. In a day long haze of imagined tequila and sour Mexican air I finished writing my short story DONKEY SHOW. It comes in at a total word count of approximately 3800 words and is probably the nastiest thing I’ve written to date. Even worse than the sperm bank robbery story.

I was squeamish at first about the story but then Sarah kept pestering me to finish so I figured I’d allude to more things instead of getting graphic. Well, as I raced toward the ending–still not sure what it would be–my brain dropped something on me I’m still a bit shocked about. It worked perfectly, but yowza. Now I’ll let the story sit for a few days and then polish it up before sending it off to the guys at Hardluck Stories. I really hope they like it, because I’m not sure there’s much of a market for it anywhere else. At least not a legal market.