I had a very weird dream last night. I found out my neighbors were devil worshipers and they sent the Knights of the apocalypse after me. My first thought was The Knights of the apocalypse would be a cool name for a rock band and my second thought was that I should stop eating Cadbury cream eggs before bed. It also probably didn’t help that I was working on the novel until right before I fell asleep and that’s never good. It gets my mind racing and conjuring up strange happenings.

All day long I had nothing to do. No job, no school, nada, zippo, bubkis. But I didn’t end up working on the book (and getting my 1K words done I might add) until after 10pm. Why is that? Well for one it’s because I’m addicted to the Internet. Most of the time, to get any work done, I have to go somewhere else like Starbucks without Internet access. Of course I’ve had other things on my mind the last few days, but that’s no excuse right? Saturday night after we had the “big conversation” which pretty much ended things I still did my 1K so it shouldn’t be that hard any other day.

Anyway, it’s up to 29,000 words and I’ll knock off another 1K today for sure because I know exactly what I’m going to do: kill off the dancer girlfriend. It’s going to be fun. The story took a turn in the last chapter and my PI ended up on a plane to NYC investigating an attack from his past. The last two nights of writing have been set in NYC and it’s been a riot. I used to live there but I’ve still mostly been faking it as far as locations go and figure I’ll go back and fill in the real details later. The only research I’ve done at all so far is look up the NYU website and find out where the Tisch School of Arts is located. I made up the building and what it looked like etc. as to not disturb the free flow of material.

When I get this next 1K words done it will bring me to 30K about three months after I started. That’s not too bad I guess but it’s not where I want to be. I set a goal of 1K words a day when I started which should put me at 90K right now. Of course I never really expected to write every day but I’d at least like to be halfway done. I’m aiming for 80K for this draft and figure if I can tighten up my discipline I can have that next 50K done in a couple of months.

That would be great if I turned out semi-polished first drafts but I am an extensive re-drafter and I figure it will take at least two or three more drafts of this book to get it into decent shape. I don;t want to be stuck on this book for three years like I was on LUNCHBOX HERO. I’ve got a couple deadlines though that will help keep this in check I think. The first is the newly scheduled Debut Dagger deadline. It used to be in August I think, but now it’s in April.

I’ll certainly have the required 3K words ready by then but I’d like to have at least one draft of the whole book done by then because I learned last time that once you are selected as a finalist, publishers and agents start asking to see the book. I didn’t have anything ready last time they asked and I think I missed some great opportunities. This is going to be a better book than LUNCHBOX HERO so I hope it will at least achieve the same finalist level. The other deadline is in August I believe and that’s for the PWA/St. Martin’s Press First Novel contest. This is the deadline that first got me working steadily on the first novel and I’ve tried to enter it every year since but only managed twice.