I get to see Toledo today after more than a week apart since my ill-fated trip to Milwaukee. We’re going to meet in Ann Arbor later this afternoon to walk around the city and have dinner and catch up. It was hard enough when I was only an hour away in Ann Arbor but now being two hours away has made us get much more creative in our interaction. I’m glad where we live in an age of email, instant messages, text messages, cell phones, and online backgammon. It helps us keep in touch during our periods of separation but in many ways it serves to only make me miss her more.

I want to be able to see her face when she makes a witty comment or put my arm around her when she tells me something troubling on the phone. We’re connected, but isolated, if that makes any sense. All of it though, is better than have no contact for weeks on end.

Initially, I debated about whether or not to post about this meeting, or Toledo in general. Since this involves more than just me I’ve been trying to keep reports to a minimum to protect her privacy. But, this relationship is probably the most significant thing to happen to my personal life in a long time and affects much of my thinking lately.

I’ve mentioned before that I started this blog because I always wanted to be a newspaper columnist. That’s why I don’t have excessive links to other news stories and other bloggers. But I always knew if I was going to write I would follow the Howard Stern principal that everything is fair game. In the movie “Private Parts” Howard is talking with his wife and tells her that if he’s going to be a success on the radio he has to be able to talk about everything going on in his life, not just pieces here and there. That’s how I feel about this blog.

I don’t want it to turn into a teenage MySpace blog though where all I do is give a laundry list of the days activities and who I currently have a crush on. I want to talk about what’s w=going on in my life and work and how it’s affecting me and, most importantly, how it’s affecting my writing. I think sticking to that idea and being totally open gives this blog an honesty that separates it from many others.

Well as open as I can be knowing my mother still reads it.