I’m starting to doubt this book. As I approach the 100 page mark this is when things start getting fuzzy. I’m questioning the plot decisions I’ve made so far. I’m wondering what I was even thinking starting this book. And I’m wondering why I should even bother finishing it. I’m distracted by short stories and other novels I want to write and I’m wondering if there will even be a market for books by the time I finish it. None of this is new. I felt this way during the very first draft of Lunchbox Hero. I felt this way during the first page one rewrite. And the second page one rewrite. And the third. Etc. It will most likely happen again as I get near the halfway mark and then again as I approach the end. I don’t know what it is with 100 page chunks that do this do me but there you have it. This is when I have to plow through the concerns to get to the end and then look at the big picture objectively.

I do wonder about the market for PI fiction in the near future though. I started reading it during the early 1990s wave which has pretty much petered out by now. I’ve thought about instead, writing a standalone noir book like Duane Swierczynski or Victor Gischler or Sean Doolittle and trying to ride their new wave but that’s not where my heart is, not right now. I love PI fiction and I want to write and publish my own take on my favorite genre. That won’t ebb or flow with the market.

Either my book will be published because PI fiction has suddenly become vogue again or I will struggle to find a major publisher for it and then go to smaller houses like Poison Pen or Point Blank. If Dave White can get his act together and get his book revised properly maybe we can lead a new PI renaissance. We’ve already got guys like Harry Hunsicker and Michael Koryta out there on the front lines. If the book I’m currently writing won’t sell I’ll write another PI novel. Maybe it will feature the same PI, maybe it won’t. Maybe I’ll have a better idea by then. But I can almost guarantee that the first book I publish will be a PI novel. Unless I get the Chick Lit novel done first, of course.