Yes, I smell like one too

Yesterday was the best possible birthday I could imagine. It started with brunch up in Flint with my parents and sister and grandma and included a win by the Detroit Lions while I was at the game for a 2-0 season for the first time in four years. I also received lovely amounts of cash and gift cards, some clothes, and the Spenser movie DVD collection. Did I mention I got to go to the Lions game with Becky AND THEY WON. Again. Should be interesting to watch next week at Philly. And then my dad and I are going to the game on the 30th against Chicago (Thanks Becky, Love you!).

My life is going pretty good right now. Work is back to normal call volumes and the mandatory overtime has been scaled back to two days for this week and then all voluntary after that. Yay. And I’m rounding the 100 page mark on the new book and a weekend away gave me some perspective on it AND I got a letter from an agent asking to see the full manuscript of THE SCARS WE CARRY, so that one still might have some life. Now I’m just aiming to have this new book completed and revised by December in time for the Mystery Writers of America/ St. Martin’s Press contest. For some reason, I’m just attracted to these contests. I love the thought of winning and being announced as the winner at the Edgar Awards banquet. But of course I’ll also be proposition unsuspecting agents and editors as well.

It’s good to be me at 31.